Жизнь со Скорпионом

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Дорогие друзья! На нашем ютуб-канале появилось новое видео с английскими субтитрами «Жизнь со Скорпионом» (Living with Scorpio zodiac sign) для ваших англоязычных родственников, друзей и коллег.
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Scorpio is not a simple sign of zodiac, having strong intuition and high perspicacity. What is the best way to communicate with people belonging to such sign? How to provoke the Scorpio’s interest? Which things is he/she especially sensitive to? What is the Scorpio’s stinger? What is not recommended doing when talking to such sign’s representative? How to please the Scorpio? The Guardian-Angel is answering these question, being a highly developed entity it speaks the Light language. Gregory — psychologist — is interpreting from the Light language to the human one.
If you strive for resolving problems, search how to develop brain, practice self-development, want to talk to esoteric psychologist, are interested in understanding karma law, healing and try to find a sense of life, this video is for you!
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