Конфликты в эпоху разделения

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Дорогие друзья! На нашем ютуб-канале появилось новое видео с английскими субтитрами «Конфликты В Эпоху Разделения» (Conflicts in the Age of Division) для ваших англоязычных родственников, друзей и коллег.

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Gregory, the esoteric psychologist, as part of the traditional online meeting, tells why there is so much aggression in our era. He also tells about a new character of conflicts and why does such a new type of war exist. After watching this video you will know what every one can do to change the world.

If you strive for resolving problems, search how to survive in the age of division, practice self-development, want to talk to esoteric psychologist, are interested in understanding conflicts nature, hidden wars and try to find a sense of life, this video is for you!

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