Секреты медицинских технологий 22-го века. Часть 2

Дорогие друзья! На нашем ютуб-канале появилось новое видео с английскими субтитрами «Секреты медицинских технологий 22-го века. Часть 2.» (22nd Century Medical Technologies Secrets. Part 2.) для ваших англоязычных родственников, друзей и коллег.

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We would like to bring to your attention 2nd part of the 22nd Century Medical Technologies Secrets Seminar, which took part November 2018 to Helsinki 🇫🇮. Elena, the healer, answered the participants’ questions:

💎 0:25 Announcement: we are looking for an interpreter for the seminars in Finland 🇫🇮.
⭐️ 2:45 How many subtle-field bodies does a person have? What are they? Human energetics, aura.
🌲12:30 People as elements of the system. Place of a person in the system.
💎 14:16 What is the safe distance between unfamiliar people?
⭐️ 18:30 Light and dark sides of people. Doings and consequences. Harmonious people.
🌲36:15 What to do to be independent of doctors and healers?
💎 49:26 What is a carelessness?
⭐️ 1:11:22 Appeal of Elena the healer to viewers watching this video.
🌲1:16:22 What doings in past incarnations cause that people become homosexuals in the present lives?
💎 1:27:10 How to manage the energy that people possess correctly?
⭐️ 1:34:22 How communities are destroyed by demonic entities?
🌲1:47:46 In what way one can help to other people? Self-harmonization.
💎 2:07:05 Creative and destructive forces, harmonization and balance.
⭐️ 2:10:44 Why there is no desire to talk to some relatives?

If you strive for learning alternative medicine, search how to develop abilities, practice self-development, want to know 22nd century medical technologies, are interested in understanding consequences, harmonizing and try to find a sense of life, this video is for you!

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