Внук Радомира. Живой диалог

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Дорогие друзья! На нашем ютуб-канале появилось новое видео с английскими субтитрами «Внук Радомира. Живой Диалог» (Grandson of Radomir (Jesus Christ). Live Dialogue (Subtitles)) для ваших англоязычных родственников, друзей и коллег.

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If you strive for resolving problems, search how to develop brain, practice self-development, want to hear the voice of Radomir’s (Jesus Christ’s) grandson, are interested in understanding karma law, vedic lore and try to find a sense of life, then this video is for you!



1:10. Preliminary information from the Vedic Egregor.
16:40. What is healing and what opportunities are there now on Earth for this?
20:10. Whose words: «Seek and clothe, ask and be given to you»? From whom to ask?
21:48. I have a lot of icons at home. What should I do with them after coloring?
22:23. Is it possible to order a commemoration for the dead in the church?
22:39. For whom were the Old and New Testaments written?
23:17. Was Jesus crucified in reality?
23:55. Where did the events of the Crucifix take place?
27:00. Are there any carriers (custodians) of genuine Vedic knowledge living on the territory of Russia who are ready to transmit them, and how do they get out?
29:02. Which of the written sources most fully convey the Teaching?
29:23. What Teachings did Jesus Christ carry and what is its essence?
30:06. How is the Teaching of Christ related to Christianity?
30:45. What are false positive fears?
33:16. What is a «new Earth» and how will the transition of the Earth to a new dimension affect people?
34:51. How to distinguish a monster from a person?
35:16. What are the causes of my grandchildren’s illnesses?
35:55. What are my son’s chronic illnesses and how can I get rid of them?
36:53, On what mission did Radomir come to Earth?
38:55. What was the purpose of the cult of the person of Christ?
40:45. How to respond to the phrase «Christ is Risen»?
41:55. Is it necessary to serve people when they ask in the name of Christ?
43:50 How do awakened people behave during Christian holidays, such as Easter, Christmas, Epiphany, etc.?
44:33. Was Radovnitsa a substitute? If so, what was the Vedic festival and how should you behave on it?
46:42. Who is the author of the Bible from the Esseеv?
48:45. When will the Vedic Generator turn on?
49:40. How can you inform Christians about the fact that they are under the influence of a parasitic system?
50:39. What is the Slavonic-Aryan Vedas, the book of Veles and a number of others?
50:21. Who really were people like Sergius of Radonezh, Serafim of Sarov, and a number of others who gave information under the cover of the Church?
52:06. How to reach potential in influencing people who promote culture to the masses?
53:25. On what Vedic holiday was the Christian holiday of Easter?
54:40. What role is played by Lucifer at the moment?
56:34. How can I personally fight the parasitic system?
1:01:50. Is it true that the Devil really is a bright being, just doing dirty work?
1:09:49. What are the main Vedic Laws?
1:18:48. What do Christians understand by Christ God and where does all the energy go to the Christian egregor?
1:31:00 What can give a person a full study of the Letter?

On the video NOT Radomir, on the video is Gregory, translator from the language of light to human language. Gregory hears and deciphers the transfer of information through channeling.

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