The results of the genetic mixing of races (Результаты генетического смешения рас)

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Дорогие друзья! На нашем ютуб-канале появилось новое видео с английскими субтитрами «Результаты Генетического Смешения Рас» (The Results of the Genetic Mixing of Races) для ваших англоязычных родственников, друзей и коллег.

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We bring to your attention a fragment of the channelling record with the Representative of our Ancestor and God Svarog (the Slavic god) and his companions, who represent the tradition of the kind, glory, power, greatness and dignity of the ancestors. The representative answers the question about the results, which led to a mixture of genetics of different races. Translator from the language of Light into the human language is Gregory, an esoteric psychologist.

If you strive for reaching enlightenment, search how to develop brain, practice self-development, want to know about race mixing results, are interested in understanding god’s experiment, divine laws and try to find a sense of life, this video is for you!

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